Oat/Wheat Sterilized Hydrated Grain Bag

Oat/Wheat Sterilized Hydrated Grain Bag

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Introducing our best-selling Oat/Wheat Grain bags, the ultimate solution for mushroom cultivation. Designed with innovation and precision, these bags are specifically engineered to meet the demanding needs of mushroom growers, offering unmatched quality and convenience.

How to Use?
1. When your product arrives, remove the rubber bands and unroll the bag.
2. Gently loosen the gussets and prop up the bag to allow air to pass through the air filter for 24 hours.
3. After 24 hours, gently massage the bags with the palms of your hands to loosen the grain.
4. Inoculate 1-10 cc of liquid culture through the provided injection port.
5. Store the bags at 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal growth, without using incubators.
6. Heat the room, not the shroom
7. Depending on the species, environment, and culture used, expect visible growth in 7-14 days.
8. Once 30% growth is visible, mix up the bags again with the palms of your hands to spread the mycelium.
9. Do not move the bags until they are 100% colonized.
10. Wait 3 more days past 100% colonization and then spawn your bags to your desired substrate.

Spore syringes are not recommended for direct use on grains due to potential sterility issues and slow germination.
We strongly advise using liquid culture or agar for faster and more successful colonization.
To achieve the best results, maintain a room temperature between 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit.
Our products are intended for legal use in gourmet and medicinal applications. Thank you for your understanding.

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Anthony M.
United States United States

these bags rock

So far so good love how they came and they got growth already after a week .definitely grabbing more asap

Danny F.
United States United States

Great products!

APG always coming thru with the best bang for your buck!

T3 E.
United States United States

Exactly what the name says A+ grains

After making my own grains for 3+ years it became alot of work running multiple prestos and trying to keep up until I made the switch to A ➕️ after the first few test orders I noticed not only were my cultures colonizing faster but also looking healthier... after that it's a wrap A plus has my business and I just ordered a pallet!!

Shawn d.
United States United States


Hands down best grain of bags you can get! Affordable and delivered fast! This guy don't play around when it comes to grain ! He even threw me an extra bag on one of my orders I would recommend aplus grain to anyone!! This guy rocks!!!

Shawn D.
United States United States

The best

I love the grain bags! They were shipped fast and quality package job too. The bags are amazing! Way better than the ones i made. Ill get them from Aplus from now on! These are a win