aPlusAlpacaRabbit Mushroom Substrate
aPlusAlpacaRabbit Mushroom Substrate

aPlusAlpacaRabbit Mushroom Substrate

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All orders come in 10 Pound XLS-A Bags 

Introducing our aPlusAlpacaRabbit Mushroom substrate, the secret to growing big, potent mushrooms with ease. This unique substrate is crafted using premium-quality cold manure, carefully processed to provide optimal nutrition and growth conditions for mushrooms. With its high NPK ratios and the addition of azomite for enhanced mineral content, aPlusAlpacaRabbit Mushroom substrate is the go-to choice for achieving impressive yields and potent mushroom potency.

Key Features:

  1. Cold manure for superior nutrition: Our aPlusAlpaca Mushroom substrate is made from cold manure, which offers exceptional nutritional value for mushroom cultivation. Cold manure retains more nutrients compared to traditionally composted manure, providing a rich blend of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). This nutrient profile gives mushrooms the essential elements they need for robust growth and development.

  2. High NPK ratios for big mushroom growth: The high NPK ratios present in aPlusAlpaca Mushroom substrate play a crucial role in promoting significant mushroom growth. Nitrogen (N) stimulates vegetative growth, ensuring lush mycelium colonization and abundant mushroom formation. Phosphorus (P) supports strong root development and the production of essential enzymes. Potassium (K) contributes to overall plant health, improving resilience and enhancing mushroom quality.

  3. Enhanced mineral content with Azomite: Unlike traditional substrates that use gypsum as a mineral source, we have incorporated azomite into our aPlusAlpaca Mushroom substrate. Azomite is a natural mineral blend derived from ancient volcanic ash, delivering over 67+ naturally derived minerals. These minerals include trace elements and essential micronutrients that support optimal mushroom growth and development. This unique addition ensures that your mushrooms have access to a broad spectrum of minerals for their well-being.

  4. Consistent and reliable performance: aPlusAlpaca Mushroom substrate has earned a reputation for its consistent and reliable performance. The careful formulation and quality control measures we undertake ensure a standardized product that delivers exceptional results. Cultivators can rely on this substrate to provide the necessary nutrients, moisture retention, and optimal growing conditions for their mushrooms, resulting in consistent yields and potency.

  5. Easy-to-use and versatile: Our aPlusAlpaca Mushroom substrate is designed to be user-friendly, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced cultivators. Simply mix the substrate with your chosen mushroom spawn, follow the provided instructions, and let nature take its course. The versatility of this substrate allows for cultivation of various mushroom species, including gourmet and medicinal varieties, enabling growers to explore different options.

In summary, aPlusAlpacaRabbit Mushroom substrate offers a winning combination of cold manure with high NPK ratios and the inclusion of azomite for enhanced mineral content. This carefully crafted substrate provides mushrooms with the ideal nutrition and minerals they need for vigorous growth, exceptional yields, and potency. Experience the difference with aPlusAlpaca Mushroom substrate and unlock the full potential of your mushroom cultivation endeavors.

Use substrate within 30 days of receiving for optimal results


Explore bulk options for your commercial grow with these prices (shipping not included). Contact us at aPlusGrain@gmail.com with your shipping address and desired quantity for a personalized shipping quote.

  • 100+ lbs: $1.70 per lb
  • 1000+ lbs: $1.65 per lb
  • 2000+ lbs: $1.60 per lb
  • 5000+ lbs: $1.50 per lb
  • 10,000 lbs: $1.40 per lb

Shipping is $12 per 20 pounds, or opt for a pallet shipment (approximately 500 pounds) at a cost of $300-700. Contact us for precise shipping rates.

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United States United States

Amazing substrate!

I have so many great things to say about this sub. The finest quality and fast shipping. Super fast colonization and monster fruits. Customer service is the absolute best. Trust me, look no further than APlusGrain for your sub and grain needs.

Unknown A.
United States United States

Damn this manure slaps!!!

Got some to test along side my own blend. It went crazy right off the bat. Was super fast to pin and produced some chonky bois. Real deal stuff. Glad I got a chance to run it and can’t wait to run it again.


Monster fruits

This stuff is worth it. I used aplus oats that colonized so nicely and then spawned to this alpaca blend sub and it was colonized within like four days. This was one of my favorite projects so far. This stuff gave me a packed canopy of monster fruits. Absolutely going to be getting more. I highly recommend this sub

David T.
United States United States

Good results

This was very good…great growth, minimal contamination…worth the price…better than coir

Huston M.
United States United States

Looks good so far !

One of my mono tubs was fully colonized just after a week, the other isn't far behind. Can't wait to see what fruits it'll produce with the alpaca and bunny poo !