Monotub Mushroom Grow Starter Kit, Perfect for 54 Quart Tub
Monotub Mushroom Grow Starter Kit, Perfect for 54 Quart Tub
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Monotub Mushroom Grow Starter Kit, Perfect for 54 Quart Tub
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Monotub Mushroom Grow Starter Kit, Perfect for 54 Quart Tub

Monotub Mushroom Grow Starter Kit, Perfect for 54 Quart Tub

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Kit Options:

  • 1 Tub Kit: Includes 2 (3 Pound) Grain Bags and 1 (10 Pound) Substrate Bag.
  • 2 Tub Kit: Includes 4 (3 Pound) Grain Bags and 2 (10 Pound) Substrate Bags.
  • 6 Tub Kit: Includes 12 (3 Pound) Grain Bags and 6 (10 Pound) Substrate Bags.

Substrate Bags:

  • Each substrate bag has a 0.5 air filter and contains a mix of coir, vermiculite, and gypsum. It's already pasteurized and moistened to the right level.

How to? 

We Recommend to use 54 quart gasket lined Sterilite Monotubs. These work perfect for the grain and sub provided with our recommended ratios .

Here are 10 simplified steps:

  1. Unwrap and unroll your product upon arrival.
  2. Allow air to pass through the bag's air filter for 24 hours by propping it up.
  3. Gently massage the bag to loosen the grain after 24 hours.
  4. Inject 1-10 cc of liquid culture through the injection port.
  5. Keep the bags at 72-78°F for optimal growth; no need for incubators.
  6. Maintain room temperature, not for the mushrooms.
  7. Expect visible growth in 7-14 days, depending on the species and conditions.
  8. When you see 30% growth, mix the bags gently to spread the mycelium.
  9. Avoid moving the bags until they're 100% colonized.
  10. Wait 3 more days after 100% colonization before spawning to your desired substrate.

How to Prepare Monotub

  • Clean your work area with Lysol and have 70% alcohol ready in a spray bottle.
  • Keep all pets out of grow area. 
  • Clean the Monotub with 70% alcohol and clean paper towels, then let the alcohol evaporate with the bin covered but not tightly sealed.
  • Empty 2 (3 Pound) Grain bags into the bin along with 1 (10 Pound) Bag of substrate.
  • Mix thoroughly with a clean metal spatula, then lightly flatten the surface.
  • Close the bin and wait.
  • In about 7-14 days, when the bin reaches 100% colonization, remove the top and the foam gasket to induce fruiting.
  • Harvest the mushrooms just before the veil breaks or shortly after by twisting and pulling.
  • Dehydrate at 120-150°F for 12-24 hours or until they are cracker dry.

Spore syringes are not recommended for direct use on grains due to potential sterility issues and slow germination.

We strongly advise using liquid culture or agar for faster and more successful colonization.  Liquid cultures are not included

To achieve the best results, maintain a room temperature between 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit.
Our products are intended for legal use in gourmet and medicinal applications. Thank you for your understanding.

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This guy is doing it right! I've had nothing but top notch quality with great pricing. You can tell when love is put into what you make and this **** has it. I looked high and low for top quality from a bulk supplier and I found where I'll be getting mine from now on. Period. Awesome customer service too. Dude will take care of you. Keep on growing ✌️

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Phenomenal combo product!

This is the perfect combo product for the best price out there. The grains are straightforward and excellently prepared. You simply reach out to them once you're closing in on full grain colonization and they ship out the substrate. I had the best substrate colonization I've ever had using this resulting in my PR yield. The kit is an amazing idea that just makes sense and is made super easy by him. 11/10 Do recommend!

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54 quart bin kit

Fantastic service, product and shipping!