Popcorn Sterilized Hydrated Grain Bag

Popcorn Sterilized Hydrated Grain Bag

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Introducing our Popcorn Sterilized Hydrated Grain Bag - Non GMO - Gluten Free. The key to effortlessly growing your own delectable mushrooms at home. With its simplicity and numerous inoculation points, popcorn becomes the perfect medium for successful mushroom cultivation.

How to Use?

1. When your product arrives, remove the rubber bands and unroll the bag.

2. Gently loosen the gussets and prop up the bag to allow air to pass through the air filter for 24 hours.

3. After 24 hours, gently massage the bags with the palms of your hands to loosen the grain.

4. Inoculate 1-10 cc of liquid culture through the provided injection port.

5. Store the bags at 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal growth, without using incubators.

6. Heat the room, not the shroom

7. Depending on the species, environment, and culture used, expect visible growth in 7-14 days.

8. Once 30% growth is visible, mix up the bags again with the palms of your hands to spread the mycelium.

9. Do not move the bags until they are 100% colonized.

10. Wait 3 more days past 100% colonization and then spawn your bags to your desired substrate.

Corn does sometimes emit some starch when sterilized. This is a light white film that will show on some bags. Generally this will collect on the bottom of the bags after sterilizing.  This is completely normal. Starch is also an excellent source of nutrients for your mycelium! 

Spore syringes are not recommended for direct use on grains due to potential sterility issues and slow germination.
We strongly advise using liquid culture or agar for faster and more successful colonization.
To achieve the best results, maintain a room temperature between 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit.
Our products are intended for legal use in gourmet and medicinal applications. Thank you for your understanding.